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In-Shop Repotting Service

In-Shop Repotting Service

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Let us do your dirty work! We are happy to repot plants of all sizes ensuring quality soil for each plant, proper drainage and recommendation on the appropriate pot size. Prices for repotting are dependent on the size of current pot, and include the labor for the repotting. The cost of soil will be in addition to this fee, and our staff will recommend the appropriate soil for your plant. ***Note, this is not an online zoom appointment; this appointment time is for your in-store service)***

The appointment is free and your repotting/soil charges will be calculated during your appointment based on your specific needs.

Repotting Fees are $2 per inch of your pot, so $8 per 4'' pot and so forth.

Soil pricing:

12qt Fox Farms Potting Soil- $19.99 (or $2 per quart for smaller projects)

2 CF Fox Farms Potting Soil - $39.99 (or $2 per quart for smaller projects)

3lb Hand Mixed Soil Varieties by Creative Plant Mama - $24.99 ($5 per quart for smaller projects)

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