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Alocasia Baginda "Dragon Scale"

Alocasia Baginda "Dragon Scale"

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Alocasia Baginda "Dragon Scale”

The Alocasia Dragon Scale looks like something out of a fairy tale with shimmering, textured foliage that appears crafted from granite.
This handsome plant is tender and has some demands, but it’s actually easier than many Alocasias. 
The best lighting for a Dragon Scale is bright but indirect. Direct sunlight will scorch the foliage. They can thrive close to a sunny window if kept out of direct sun, or in filtered sunlight behind a sheer curtain.The general recommendation is to allow the top two to three inches of soil to dry before rewatering. Adjust to fit your plant.

Happy humidity levels begin at about 60% for your Alocasia Dragon Scale.

If you have average humidity, placing water-filled trays near the plant or grouping it with other tropicals can bump up the levels slightly. 

  • Light: Bright indirect, dappled
  • Water: Water when soil is 50% dry
  • Child/pet safe: No
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