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Anthurium Clarinervium

Anthurium Clarinervium

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Anthurium clarinervium is a stunning foliage houseplant in the Aroid family and is sure to stop you in your tracks with its dark green, deeply lobed heart shaped leaves and contrasting white veins.

These plants enjoy mostly bright indirect light or filtered sunlight. Keep these plants away from too much direct sun. A little bit is fine.


An exception is in the winter time if you live in areas with much shorter and cloudier days like I do. During those months, some direct sun will greatly benefit these plants.

Anthuriums love and thrive in warm temperatures. Aim to keep them at 70-90F (21-32C) if you can. I keep mine in my sunroom and it does get into the 60s (F) in the winter but I wouldn’t go much lower than that.

Don’t let these plants sit in water or it will spell death and they will rot. After you water thoroughly, make sure you discard excess water. Let it ALL drain away. Don’t let any sit in the saucer underneath.


Don’t water again until the top inch or two of the potting mix is dry. Just use your finger to determine that.


  • Light: Bright indirect, dappled
  • Water: Water when soil is 50% dry
  • Child/pet safe: No
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