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Ficus Shivereana (Ficus Moonshine)

Ficus Shivereana (Ficus Moonshine)

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Ficus Shivereana

Ficus Shivereana is a sensational and staggering magnificence featuring exceptional broad shiny oval leaves with sharp tips. This exquisiteness is visible with variegated foliage with cream, white, and green freckled patterns. It is a half-breed of Ficus Elastica, also commonly known as marble plant, Indian rubber plant, and rubber tree variegata. 


The variegated foliage of this stunning houseplant is striking light green with pinky-orange speckles. Every leaf is different from other; hence the speckling and marbling on the leaves represent an exclusive ambiance. The beautiful Indian rubber is a colorful houseplant that adds a unique vibe to any expanse. Its colorful foliage and startling size make a striking statement in the plant collectioncheck the plant weekly and inspect if the top layer of the soil is dry. You may verify the moisture level by feeling or using a soil moisture meter for an accurate reading. Weekly checking ensures the plant is only watered when needed, thus avoiding over or under-watering. 


The quantity of water depends upon the plant size. As a thumb rule, one cup of water is necessary for each one-foot height of the plant, which means water one cup if your Ficus Shivereana is one foot high, two cups if the plant is two feet in height, and so on.


Light Requirements

The light directly affects the leaf color and quality of the Ficus Shivereana. Therefore, positioning the plant at the optimum place is vital for foliage variegation. Ficus Shivereana prefers indirect, bright sunlight. Although the direct morning light is good for the plant, keeping it away from the direct afternoon sun is necessary as it is too harsh for the delicate leaves. 


This Ficus plant can tolerate low lighting conditions; however, constant deficiency of optimum sunlight may cause leaf discoloration and fall. 


Therefore, it’s ideal to place it near a south-facing window where it receives bright and medium light throughout the day, encouraging its growth. . 

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