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Hoya Macrophylla

Hoya Macrophylla

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Don't put your Hoya macrophylla in a spot with continual direct sunlight and you should be good. A shelf a few feet away from an eastern-facing window is an ideal spot, as too much direct sun can burn the foliage tips. Your plant still needs some light, so avoid a position in the shade to prevent a leggy, lop-sided appearance.


It's easy to pick up a potting mix specially designed for hoyas. They're often slightly alkaline and always well-drained. If you're making up one of your own, avoid acidic peat and pick a well-draining mix (like one designed for cacti). Add one part perlite and one part orchid mix. Adding crushed eggshells provides plenty of the calcium these plants like.


If you want to avoid killing off your Hoya macrophylla, don't forget it doesn't like wet feet. Overwatering is the biggest problem for this plant and often leads to root rot. Let it dry out completely before giving it a thorough soaking. It's the sort of plant you can submerge in a tub of water to ensure it's evenly wet.

Preferably water with distilled or rainwater rather than tap water.

Temperature and Humidity

It shouldn't come as a surprise to learn that this tropical native appreciates warmth and humidity. Temperatures below 55 degrees Fahrenheit generally result in the plant going into dormancy.

If you aren't keeping your Hoya macrophylla in a hot, steamy bathroom, then using a humidifier, regularly misting, and keeping your plant on a tray with pebbles and water can help achieve the humid conditions this plant appreciates.

The higher the humidity levels, the greater the chance of your plant flowering.


Fertilizing your Hoya macrophylla once a month during the growing season helps keep those large leaves lush and healthy and increases the chances of flowering.

Feeding diluted half-strength orchid fertilizer works well, or you can try an organic fish emulsion.


 Light: Perfect for bright, indirect light
• Water: Drought tolerant. Water when the top 1-2" of soil feels dry to the touch 
• Considerations: Use a well-draining soil, and select a planter with drainage. Pet friendly!

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