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Monstera Albo

Monstera Albo

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Monstera Albo - variegated Monstera

How to Care for Monstera Albo

If you do manage to get your hands on a monstera albo, know this: variegated monsteras can be tricky to care for. The beautiful white coloring means that these plants have less chlorophyll than regular monsteras, which means they’ll have a harder time converting sunlight to energy.


Here’s how to ensure that your monstera albo cutting has the best chance of survival and growing up into a big, beautiful plant!


Plenty of light

Because of the lack of chlorophyll, your monstera albo will need lots of bright, indirect sunlight. Place near a bright window that faces south or east but where it will never be in the sun’s direct rays. If you can’t provide enough natural light, you may need to supplement with a grow light. 


The right soil

Make sure to plant your cutting in a pot with drainage and use a rich, loamy soil. Try a light, indoor potting mix with a few handfuls of peat moss mixed in.



Your cutting will need evenly moist soil to thrive, so try watering when the top inch or two feels dry, or when a moisture meter reads about a 4. Water until it starts to drain, then empty the drainage tray immediately.



Monsteras are tropical plants and variegated monstera leaves are extra sensitive, so you’ll want to provide enough humidity to keep your leaves supple and soft. Place the pot on a pebble tray (a shallow tray filled with pebbles and water) or set up a humidifier nearby.



Your Monstera Albo Borsigiana will need the right nutrients to form healthy roots, sturdy stems, and those beautiful variegated leaves. So about a month after planting, start fertilizing regularly with Monstera Plant Food to give your cutting the nutrition it needs!


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