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Philodendron McDowell
Philodendron McDowell
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Philodendron McDowell

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 One of our favorite terrestrial creepers! The rare Philodendron McDowell has large, heart shaped leaves such prominent lateral veins that they appear quilted. 🙂


Unlike epiphytic (climbing) Philodendrons, McDowells grow along the soil’s surface, so they never get very tall.


They are also easy to grow. Treat it well, and a new leaf will unfurl about every 4-6 weeks:


Place in bright filtered light; East, West, or South-facing windowsills are best.

Whatever you do, don’t overwater. Water only when the topsoil is dry to the touch.

Being a terrestrial creeper, use a rich organic potting mix that is also airy and well-draining. We like using an indoor potting mix with perlite, orchid bark, and charcoal.

Keep humidity levels between 65-75% – use a humidifier if needed.

Average room temperates are fine.

Fertilize to boost growth. Use a liquid houseplant fertilizer monthly during the growing season.

 Botanical Name Philodendron Dean McDowell
 Family Araceae
 Plant Type Perennial
 Mature Size Up to 2.5 feet tall
 Sun Exposure Partial
 Soil Type Well-drained
 Soil pH Acidic, Neutral
 Bloom Time Rarely blooms indoors
 Flower Color N/a
 Hardiness Zones 10-11 (USDA)
 Native Area South America
Toxicity Toxic to people,1 toxic to pets2
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