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Scindapsus Treubii Dark Form

Scindapsus Treubii Dark Form

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 Light: moderate to bright indirect
Watering: 75% dry before the next watering
Humidity: increased
Toxic: not pet/kid safe

Scindapsus Treubii is a rare, green houseplant that is not easily found but is a major hit in the world of botany, especially houseplants. 

These plants are trailing and climbing in nature, so they appreciate external support to climb on to. You may use brass support or a bamboo stick. Giving them external support can make their leaves grow efficiently.

Interestingly, not only are these plants pretty to look at, but they are also very beneficial to be added to our homes. According to NASA, these plants can clear the air of many pollutants such as formaldehyde, which is present almost everywhere in our houses, the carpets, the furniture, you name it.

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